Impossible Love
Impossible Love
The dark side of desire emerges in this Vs. Magazine short film directed by Jenna Elizabeth. A disturbingly beautiful woman — model Soo Joo Park — falls for an equally dazzling statue. The fashion short plays on the elusive, the unattainable and how it can haunt us, even to our own destruction...
A Vs. Magazine film
All fashion by Morris Janks
Director: Jenna Elizabeth
Styling: Vibe Dabelsteen
Art Direction: Jakob F.S.
DP: Rory Mulhere / Capture This
Hair: Deycke Heidorn / See Management
Makeup: Hung Vanngo / The Wall Group
Manicure: Elena / The Wall Group
Body Art: Anastasia Durasova
Model: Soo Joo Park / Wilhelmina
Camera Assistant: Sam Reiss
Gaff: Ryan Garcia
Grip: Richard Ashe
Fashion Coordinator: Sabine Engesnes
Fashion Assistants: Camilla Johannesen & Pierre Jean Baptiste
Makeup Assistant: Yuko Aoki
Production Coordinator: Gwendolyn S. Anderson
Location: Brandon Ralph / Code and Theory
Thanks to: Capture This, Alina & Jackie / Factory PR
Category: Fashion Films
Star On Star On Star On Star On Star Off
02:29|255,290 Views
Published on May 29, 2014
Vs. Magazine
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Mochachino: Savvy Men´s Collection
Mochachino: Savvy Men´s Collection
Mochachino: Savvy Resort Collection 2012-13 First let me say a sincere thanks for taking the time to view my work! Many of you have been unwavering family, clients, friends & supporters of my life´s work and personal creative direction. I am happy and blessed to be in such great company! When I started this project It was less about me designing a collection and more about me wanting to capture it thru motion/film to see the design beyond the runway. What started out a simple thought, concluded in a capsule collection that I was overjoyed in creating. That was only part of the magic! Enter athlete/model, Nikolas Guevara, who like the many faces before him gave the designs dimension & personality. What should have been two days of experimenting, ended up being a month of location scouting, film scheduling/shooting, designing, fittings, photo shoots, editing and now the launch! ……I have to tell you if I had to, I´d do it all over again!!! It was an awesome adventure. As I designed this collection I designed it around Nikolas who, thru the course of this adventure, adapted to every look I created! Almost shapeshifting into a different facet of a stylish, worldly guy! So I aptly titled this collection, "Savvy". Inspired by the man who still sees the world (with a keen eye for taste) as a landscape of new opportunities. An explorer of various customs and new ideas, yet perceptive in old world values. This capsule collection of 10 looks kicks off the countdown to our upcoming NYC Holiday Showing! Enjoy!! Sabre
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