"The Double"

"The Double"
Helena Christensen doesn’t need words to tell a story. The supermodel and guest editor of the newly released issue of Vs. Magazine stars in our otherworldly short film directed by Karen Collins. Peering through her Jil Sander bag into an alternate universe, the line between dream and reality is increasingly blurred. Whether in hazy color or silent movie black & white, Helena never stops to captivate.
A Vs. Magazine Film
Written & directed by / Karen Collins
Styling / Vibe Dabelsteen
Art Direction / Jakob F.S.
Set Design / Reynaldo Davis Carter / Ford Artists
Hair / Romina Manenti / See Management
Makeup / Hung Vanngo / The Wall Group
Manicure / Dawn Sterling / Melbourne Artists Management
Models / Helena Christensen / Unsigned Mgmt & Matt Clunan / Ford Models

Post Production Advisor / Ucef Hanjani /Ceft and Company
Editing / Luis Moreno / Jump
Assistant Editors / John Dean & Adrianna Merlucci
Finishing / Poetica
Executive Producer /Alexandra Leal / Jump
Director of Photography / Shane Sigler

Assistant Director / Paul Malle
Gaffer / Jake Magee
1st Camera Assistant / Marcos Herrera
2nd Camera Assistant / Evan Schreiber
Music Advisor / Ucef Hanjani
Music composed & arranged by / Alto Soundwaves
Mix / Bamahang Studios
Titles / Ceft and Campany New York
Fashion Coordinator / Sabine Engesnes
Fashion Assistants / Julie Blanchon, Lucy McGrath, Pierre Jean-Baptiste & Malin Carlgreen
Hair Assistant / Eric Williams
Makeup Assistant / Yuko Aoki
Production Coordinator / Gwendolyn S. Anderson
Location / Jack Studios

Category: Fashion Films
Star On Star On Star On Star On Star Off
03:26|200,960 Views
Published on Feb 18, 2014
Vs. Magazine
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