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TAMARA MELLON is an accessible luxury lifestyle brand — offering ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags. Mellon's own personal style, which is sensual, glamorous, sophisticated, clean and confident sets the tone for the brand. Product deliveries will break from the traditional with a "buy now, wear now" philosophy. TAMARA MELLON will offer modern versatile essentials, as well as capsule collations injecting newness. These collections will complement one another, encouraging women to build a well-rounded wardrobe of beautifully constructed garments. The line is available at netaporter.com, Neiman Marcus, Harrod's, Bergdorf Goodman, Jimmy's (NY).
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Diamonds are forever..

Eva Mendes

From Fashiontube on Twitter
Diamonds are forever.. Eva Mendes http://t.co/rjBJWkRiAZ
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Cool kids on the block. #voguesuggestions by Vincent Peters Photography for Vogue Italia.

Vogue Suggestions by Vincent Peters

A New York morning by Vogue Italia and photogrpaher Vincent Peters, starring models Sara Sampaio, Luma Grothe, Athena Wilson, and Fardau Van der Wal. Outfitted in denim looks à la James Dean, the boys provide an interesting distraction for the girls.
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From Fashiontube on Twitter
Cool kids on the block. #voguesuggestions by Vincent Peters Photography for Vogue Italia. http://t.co/dVUeRsEIOE
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Keep it colorful..


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Keep it colorful.. Solange http://t.co/cHWC8bhzrN
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Shady lady. Kate Moss.

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Shady lady. Kate Moss. http://t.co/3fNkwy1hWK
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Stay chic. Carmen Dell'Orefice.

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Stay chic. Carmen Dell'Orefice. http://t.co/iKUBRwRGDE
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Winter is coming. Bette Franke for Vogue España.