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TAMARA MELLON is an accessible luxury lifestyle brand — offering ready-to-wear, shoes and handbags. Mellon's own personal style, which is sensual, glamorous, sophisticated, clean and confident sets the tone for the brand. Product deliveries will break from the traditional with a "buy now, wear now" philosophy. TAMARA MELLON will offer modern versatile essentials, as well as capsule collations injecting newness. These collections will complement one another, encouraging women to build a well-rounded wardrobe of beautifully constructed garments. The line is available at netaporter.com, Neiman Marcus, Harrod's, Bergdorf Goodman, Jimmy's (NY).
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Candice Swanepoel

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Flowerpower.. Candice Swanepoel http://t.co/pghjSVYo7P
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Leopard Beauty..

Anais Mali by Patrick Demarchelier

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Leopard Beauty.. Anais Mali by Patrick Demarchelier http://t.co/7vBl01jZjq
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Two-faced. Keira Knightley.

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Two-faced. Keira Knightley. http://t.co/ULBVmgceV4
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Have a bath...

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Madame Figaro

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Have a bath... Charlotte Gainsbourg for Madame Figaro http://t.co/ZCoyDqk90A
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BB style. #inspiration #vintage #BB #BrigitteBardot #legend #icon #photography #blackandwhite #love #french #actress #iconic #sainttropez #fashion #makeup #glamour #throwback #fashiontube
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Lovely Mouse.

Arielle Dombasle

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Lovely Mouse. Arielle Dombasle http://t.co/nmpRKQtsO2